I'm an LA-based

Actor | Director | Writer | Singer | Dancer | Creator | Queer Icon | Nice Person | Curious Cat | Human Degrassi Wiki | Proud New Jersey Trash | Pogo Stick Champ 

I play Teenage Jamie on season 3 of the web series History, produced by Necessary Outlet, on his journey of coming out to his family. The season has won several awards, including Best Web Series at the New York Film Awards. To check out a scene of mine, click here!

I'll be working with Necessary Outlet again doing voiceover work for their new podcast Community, a narrative drama about a shooting at a gay nightclub.

I just worked with filmmakers from the MFA program at Sacred Heart University in January on the short film Super Stoned, a fun stoner comedy.

My Why

I act to

Heal with laughter.

Fight against a world that demands apathy.

Discover new things about myself through my characters.

Experience intimacy in a way most people spend their lives avoiding.

Challenge people's points of view and ask the messy questions of life.

Free my boundless imagination.

Love hard, love often, love recklessly.

Latest Projects

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